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Refrigerator Look Book: Jacquie Berger

The sustainable food movement mayor and executive director of Just Food knows how to use every single CSA veggie and turn green beans into snacking gold.

What the Heck a CSA Is—and Why You Should Consider Joining One

What the Heck a CSA Is---and Why You Should Consider Joining One

Every heard of a CSA? Want the 411 on these Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) groups that everyone keeps talking about? We have just the post for you over on Fit Bottomed Eats! And they’re a fabulous way to eat healthy, local and fresh! Community Supported Agriculture: Fresh, Direct and Delicious Each Thursday morning, I place [...]

Farm-to-office: A CSA that delivers to your desk

You’ve heard of Ping Pong tables and exercise balls-as-chairs in progressive office environments. But how about farm-fresh produce delivered to your desk?