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Love Yo’Self Challenge: Day 1 (Plus, a Giveaway!)

We told you we were changing things up with the Fit Bottomed Challenge and here we go, y’all. A weekly Fit Bottomed Love Yo’Self Challenge that will help you to love yourself (obviously) and, if you’re in a relationship, love yo&#821…

7 Tips for Working Out With Your Sweetheart

7 Tips for Working Out With Your Sweetheart

I met my husband through triathlon, so it isn’t much of shocker that the majority of our dates involve sweating in some way, shape or form. Whether it’s a Saturday morning swim followed by a leisurely brunch or a hike to watch the sun set over our city, Neil and I prefer our dates to be of the […]

Date Night Ideas: A Workout You Can Do Together

date night workout

I appreciate a swanky night on the town as much as anyone — maybe more than most, actually — but after over 10 years of marriage, my husband, Jared, and I have learned that not every special night out has to come with cocktails and a romantic dinner at a restaurant. Sometimes, joining one another […]

Best Workouts to Do With Your BFF (Best Fit Friend!)

bootcamp with friends

Whether you’re typically a group exerciser or prefer working out solo most of the time, the fact is that having a workout buddy to hold you accountable is a great way to stick to an exercise plan. It’s also an awesome way to ramp up the fun level of any workout, especially if that workout […]