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5 brilliant tips we learned about cooking veggies from Sarah Britton

The super-popular My New Roots author wants to share her love of vegetables with you—and make sure you never experience another boring green bean again.

Hungry Girl’s Fruity Bruschetta Recipe

Hungry Girl’s Fruity Bruschetta Recipe

Hungry Girl is at it again! The oh-so-popular diva of calorie reduction has a book out called Happy Hour . It’s a book of entertaining snacks for entertaining. For years I’ve let Jenn feed me delicious recipes she’s snagged from the HG books, so I figured it was time for me to go on ahead […]

9 must-read fall cookbooks that really nail healthy meals

And they span the culinary scene—from creating a “whole food kitchen” and Mario Batali’s ode to farmers to Paleo cooking by season.

Jivamukti’s Sharon Gannon explains how veganism leads to joy

The yoga pioneer and animal rights activist is sharing her message of meatless happiness in a new cookbook, Simple Recipes for Joy.