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Your March Madness Workout for the Whole Tourney

  I am a basketball super-fan, so I get very excited each year when March Madness rolls around. And this year, I have a special challenge for you … No, I’m not talking about picking the winning teams in a March Madness bracket challenge. Let

Advice for This Year’s Graduating Class

Reebok recently created the MOST inspiring video with advice for this year’s graduating class. It gave us chills, seriously. Whether or not you do or have done CrossFit or are graduating or not, it’s got some life lessons we can all take t…

A Week of Dorm Room Workouts

Need a good dorm room workout or, really, a workout you can do at home, no matter where that is? We’ve got them! Read on for the latest installment of our exciting new series of guest posts from some of the fit pros at BeFiT. Today’s c…

Your Interactive College Basketball Workout

Your Interactive College Basketball Workout

Getting ready for March college-basketball mayhem? Oh, yeah, we know that dudettes and their respective dudes love the b-ball. (Us included!) That’s why we’ve created the perfect March Madness interactive college basketball workout. While cheering for your favorite team or bemoaning a big upset on your bracket can burn calories, we thought it would be even […]