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8 Beauty Products You Can Replace With Coconut Oil

My poor, poor skin and hair suffers every single winter and every single winter, I go through a multitude of beauty products to rehydrate my skin and hair. I’d hate it think how much I spend on beauty products yearly. I basically get every ounce…

Why you no longer have to be terrified of opening a coconut

Meet Coco Jack. The coconut-opening kitchen tool that doesn’t require the strength of a lumberjack or the daring of a knife-thrower.

Recipe: Reishi Coconut Smoothie

This month’s smoothie recipe has transporting tropical island flavor (think: coconut meat and vanilla bean)—and wellness benefits for city life and its stressors.

How to butcher a coconut

Without proper guidance, intending to open a coconut can feel like an unconscious desire to call 911. We learn how to do it suavely and safely.