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Celiac disease

The godmother of gluten-free living says the revolution is still to come

Gluten-free pioneer Jax Peters Lowell was once called crazy for her dietary advocacy. Twenty-five years on, she tells us about the next battle she’s ready to fight.

Jennifer Esposito says it’s getting harder for Celiac sufferers to avoid gluten

The actor-owner of Jennifer’s Way bakery is on a mission to help Celiac sufferers find wholesome foods they can eat. And she says it’s not getting any easier.

Gluten-free pet peeves: What not to say to someone who doesn’t eat wheat

What do you wish people would just stop saying when you tell them you’re gluten-free?

Study Hall: Most people who go gluten-free don’t have celiac disease

It seems like everyone is giving up gluten these days—and not necessarily because of a celiac diagnosis, says a study.