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Way beyond nutrition: Or why Kimberly Snyder’s new book rocks

The celebrity nutritionist takes a whole new, surprising stance on keeping yourself healthy—and food is just a piece of it.

Gwyneth recommends steam cleaning your vagina: What you need to know

The V-steam is having its Goop moment. Should you try warming up your uterus, too? Here’s what the experts say.

Sonima wants to bring ancient yoga wisdom to a modern audience

With Sonima, the hedgefund billionaire’s wife, philanthropist, and Ashtanga yoga devotee, Sonia Jones, shares her wellness take—and Rolodex—with the world.

Dr. Frank Lipman launches a celeb-studded wellness video series

For his new video series, Frank Lipman’s celebrity patients, like Tabatha Coffey, Peter Sarsgaard, and Jake Gyllenhaal, double as wellness missionaries.