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Your fall toolkit: Slow down and do nothing with Tara Stiles

The model-turned-celebrity yogi says the key to living a fast-paced lifestyle is slowing down. Put down your phone and pay attention.

Cheat Sheet: Advice yogis live by

Yes, they can teach you handstand. But yogis have figured out a lot about life off the mat, too. Here’s how they approach food, beauty, and more.

My Favorite Green Juice Recipe: Kathryn Budig

The nomadic celeb yogi thinks green juice should be a joy to drink, not just a health pursuit. So her recipe is one your taste buds and nutritionist will love.

How to tell if your celeb yoga teacher can actually teach

Sometimes, celeb yogi hype can pump us up, and leave us blind. Here’s how to tell if the teacher you saw on the cover of a glossy magazine can actually teach.