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8 all-natural candles to gift (or burn) for the holidays

Elevate your hostess-gifting game or holiday table with artisan candles using natural waxes and chic scents like red cedar, grapefruit, or even kale.

8 super chic and totally non-toxic candles

Yankee Candles these are not. These candles burn bright with style and make great gifts for the Festival of Lights or the hosts of your next holiday party.

Kama Sutra launches pourable massage candles

Economics 101 classes teach the concept of complementary goods: Bread and butter. Champagne and caviar. Candles and massage oil? It was only a matter of time before someone combined the two. This month, the Kama Sutra Company will debut its new line of massage candles. As the candle melts, the wax actually becomes a massage [...]