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How to Stop Stress in 5 Minutes (or Less)

Some days, stress seems to arrive by the busload. The car broke down, the kids are screaming, your boss is hounding you, and the holiday credit card bills are coming — it’s just too much to handle. And as much as you try to convince yourself t…

What Does Breathing Do For The Body?

Breathing is the process of taking air into the lungs and forcing it out again. When a person takes air into the lungs, he is said to inhale, and when he forces it out, he is said to exhale. The first of these processes is also known as inspiration, an…

Stress Less Now With These 5 Tips

Stress Less Now With These 5 Tips

Feeling stressed and anxious? Having trouble sleeping, or maybe you’ve noticed your focus is … well, not focused at all? But, OMG, there’s no way you can make time to do any of those things you’re supposed to do to lower your stress, right? Who even has time for a bubble bath or a yoga […]