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Total body travel workout (strength and cardio)

Hi friends! How’s the day treating you? The week has gone by quickly, and I’m looking forward to the weekend. We’re actually staying in town this weekend! I know. To be totally honest, a bit of FOMO has hit me. I was doing really well, but after visiting Chicago and Orlando recently, I remembered what…

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Quick HIIT workout (bodyweight only!)

Hi friends! How are ya? Happy Thursday! Anyone else getting excited for the long weekend ahead? Are you traveling or doing anything fun? It’s rained all week this week, which has been beautiful to watch, but definitely challenging on the kiddo entertainment front. At least they’re still mesmerized by the fact that water comes from…

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HIIT Scorcher

Hi guys! How’s your day going so far? We have liiiiiiife. I’m so stoked that our little herb garden has started to sprout! (I think it’s because nana was here and she has the magic touch. I figured out what her secret is, though: she had Livi talking to the […]