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MooMotion: Functional Fitness Fashion for Ladies Who Tri

moomotion tri kit

Triathlon gear can be tricky. I mean, whatever you wear has to work for swimming, cycling and running, plus, you know, it should fit well and, ideally, look good. And if you’re like me, you have another component to add — you want a bright color that stands out so anyone who came to the […]

Moxie Cycling: Bringing Sexy (Biking) Back!

Moxie Cycling: Bringing Sexy (Biking) Back!

Two-wheeled women of the world, rejoice! The days of frumpy unisex bike jerseys are over! Don’t get me wrong — I love the traditional bike jersey, with its full-zip front, broad shoulders and fun, bold designs. But more often than not, my favorite designs only come in a men’s jersey, which I buy in the [...]