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How to Have the Perfect Hike

Guys, it’s hiking weather. And we’ve got your step by step guide (along with some recommendations for cool products that have been sent our way!) to making your next trek a really freakin’ awesome day out on the trail. 1. Get up ear…

Take a Hike With Kate! Here’s What to Pack …

Take a Hike With Kate! Here’s What to Pack …

Hey, hey! We have a new series of posts coming at you for the next few months: Take a Hike With Kate! Kate Crowley is a freelance marketing and PR consultant living in Phoenix with her husband, dog, five chickens and busy schedule of hiking, swimming, running and yoga. This summer she plans to go […]

Say Goodbye to Mosquito Bites


This time of year I usually have at least a few mosquito bites on my legs, arms and feet. Heck, last week, I even had a mosquito bite on the inside of my belly button. What kind of a skeeter bites people there?! A mean one, apparently. Seeing that I’m not a fan of chemicals and [...]