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Keep Your Back Healthy With These 5 Exercises

Since last fall, I’ve been going great guns on my daily yoga practice. One month turned into three and then nine. On top of that I walk my dog every day; 3.5 miles is the norm. This routine seems to meet all of my physical and mental needs. I think …

5 Best Low Back Stretches

No one likes low back pain and tension. I really despise it. I REALLY do. Seriously — an unexpected pinch somewhere in my lower back region and my usually positive mood will turn south like a humming bird rushing to escape our Rocky Mountain win…

Back Pain and Yoga: A Dude’s Yoga Book Review

yoga book review

Hi, I’m Jared, and I’ve got a real pain in the … back. I’ve been dealing with this for about eight months, during which time I’ve done a lot of research on possible causes and solutions, so when my wife, FBG Kristen, asked me if I’d be interested in reviewing a book called Yoga: The […]

6 smart ways to get rid of back pain

Like standing up at work and strengthening your core.