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Ashley Turner

Power Swaps: The best way to get calm…fast

Why mind-body guru Ashley Turner believes trimming your meditation routine to moments might be the best thing you can do for yourself.

Tips for Your First Hot Yoga Class

Tips for Your First Hot Yoga Class

For a self-described “fit chick” with an adventurous streak, I am almost embarrassed to admit that I only tried my first hot yoga class this past summer after a friend of mine cajoled me for over a year to give it a go. I had heard all kinds of scary stories about skeevy instructors, too-hot-to-handle […]

Ashley Turner launches a five-day online crash course in meditation

With her wellness-celeb-packed video conference, Meditation 101, the yogi-psychotherapist is making the popular and important practice accessible to newbies.

Meditation 101: How to meditate and why it works

Meditation is one of the most crucial keys to cultivate more peace and happiness in life.