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Keeping My Aging Pup Active

rudi black lab

When our pets reach a certain age and slow down, it’s easy to write off their lower activity level as a normal part of life. And while there’s some truth to that — I mean, they can’t be puppies forever! — pets actually often slow down because of pain or discomfort. Sure, that may go […]

Exercise And Chronic Disease

An abundance of scientific literature has overwhelmingly confirmed the health related benefits of exercise for apparently healthy populations. And likewise, individuals with a diagnosed chronic disease or disability benefit as much if not more from reg…

Setting My Sights Halfway: The intermedix Ironman 70.3 Augusta

augusta 70.3

Three years ago, I had the chance to ask Bob Harper for his advice on how I’d know if I was ready to commit to a half-Ironman distance triathlon. He said, if I was thinking about it, I’m ready. It took a while for me to agree, but let’s go ahead and make it official. […]