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Can Aromatherapy Boost Your Workout?

We’re all looking for a better, more fun, more enjoyable workout. One that leaves us feeling uplifted, energized — and a bit like a badass. Okay, a lot like a badass. But, when it comes to smell — er — that’s the one thin…

Can aromatherapy give your career a boost?

Trying to negotiate something big in the workplace? A new study suggests that lavender may improve your performance in business meetings…in an interesting way.

The Aromatherapeutic Garden

What better way to receive the aromatherapeutic effects of herbs, flowers, trees and grasses than directly as nature intended? Even moist earth smells wonderful, especially during hot weather, when the first summer rains fall on the parched meadows cau…

The Aromatic Pet

In Elizabethan times, the best perfumes would make one smell ‘as sweet as any lady’s dog’. Contrary to what you may be thinking, this was never said in jest. Indeed, the animal would have costly aromatics rubbed into its coat before b…