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Developing and Maintaining Aerobic Fitness

Focus There is little doubt that a conscientious program of physical activity, especially aerobic exercise, significantly improves the health and wellness of the exerciser. What is more, evidence is mounting that the benefits of regular and continuing …

Learning Some willPower and Grace With Stacey Lei Krauss’ DVD

Learning Some willPower and Grace With Stacey Lei Krauss' DVD

WillPower and Grace—Did you just think of that 90s show, too? Well, kick that thought out because the DVD that Stacey Lei Krauss (creator of one of the hottest workouts of the year!) has in store for you is way better than any TV show! The only way I can describe it is yoga meets [...]

Trying a Body by Simone Dance Cardio Class—And an Interview With Simone De La Rue

body by simone

Recently I became fascinated with an article in The New York Times about fitness instructor Simone De La Rue (her real name!) and her Body by Simone studio. You can read it for yourself here: “Selling the Girlfriend Workout”  but essentially it described a super-fit Aussie (that would be De La Rue) who was getting [...]