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4 Tips to Prevent Exercise Acne

If there’s one thing I definitely don’t miss about my adolescence, it’s acne. (Also up there? Not having a CLUE how to grow my bangs out, general social awkwardness and feeling totally weird in my body. But that’s for another p…

Clean Up Your Act! 3 Products That Do the Job

clean products

When you live in the Florida heat and humidity like I do, one thing is fairly certain — you’re gonna sweat. And if you’re me, you’re gonna sweat a lot. I mean, I’m a sweaty gal by nature, and I kind of exercise a lot, so, yeah. My skin — and my workout wardrobe — […]

The summer beauty secret for beating breakouts

These two fermented foods will do wonders for preventing pimples. (Not that you ever get them.)

Dealing with the curse of adult acne

Pimples really never disappear for women. But you can absolutely tame the angry red bumps. A dermatologist, holistic facialist, and hormone expert explain how.