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90-Second Interval

90-Second Interval: A sneak peek at Calavera’s new swimsuit line

Surfer-swimsuit designer Anna Jerstrom, founder of won’t-fall-off Calavera Swimwear, gives us a look at her new suits for fall.

90-Second Interval: Dr. Drew Ramsey on his new book “Fifty Shades of Kale”

Drew Ramsey, MD, reveals the nutrition-packed green’s sexier side with fifty kale recipes that are “bound to please.” Ahem.

90-Second Interval: Tata Harper on hot natural beauty ingredients that really work

The creator of Tata Harper Skincare chats with Well+Good’s Melisse Gelula about how plant-based ingredients are doing what injectables like Botox are.

90-Second Interval: Race day tips for new runners

Running your first big race this May or sometime soon? City Coach founder Jonathan Cane explains how to give the Brooklyn Half-Marathon—or any race—your all.