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Ultimate 80s Workout Song: The So Choice Championship!


Guys, this Ultimate 80s Workout Song playoff is so choice, and we couldn’t be more psyched about this championship round! We started out with 64 songs, and now, these are the two totally rad 80s jams that remain: Footloose Eye of the Tiger Whitney is out! Bon Jovi bit the dust! And the only two […]

Ultimate 80s Workout Song: The Illin’ Eight


Ladies and gentlemen, get your legwarmers ready, because I’m about to present to you … The Ultimate 80s Workout Song playoff Illin’ Eight! Let’s take a closer look at the remaining contenders, shall we? If you have a few minutes, I highly recommend clicking through to watch the videos. For research purposes, I mean. Because […]

Ultimate 80s Workout Song: Paula and Queen, Round 3

80s songs round 2 brackets

This battle is raging! We’ve got the next contenders in the Ultimate 80s Workout Song playoff ready to square off, and would you believe we still have a 12 seed in the mix? Talk about a Cinderella story! The songs below were the winners from Round 2 in both the Paula and Queen brackets. You can […]

Ultimate 80s Workout Song: Whitney, Round 2

best 80s songs

Can you believe we’re finishing up Round 2 today? Welcome to the Whitney Bracket! We’re closing in on the best songs in our Ultimate 80s Workout Song playoff — and you can still vote in the most recent polls here. Voting only takes a moment, so don’t miss your chance! (Be sure to scroll through […]