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1/6: Meals and Fitness for the week

Hi friends Sorry for the blog silence yesterday! The only thing I had to write about was my legendary headache. I even took a few Tylenol, which is a testament to how bad it was.. usually I’ll just deal with it. When I got home for the day, some snuggles [...]

Cardiac Cats and Pinner Winners

I had a feeling I’d be way too zonked to go to the Wildcats game last night. Thursdays can go one way or the other with my teaching schedule- sometimes they’ll be relaxed and passive classes, and sometimes I’ll get surprised with multiple intense teaches, which ended up being yesterday. [...]

Detoxifying eats

Note about the following post: if you are suffering or recovering from an eating disorder and think reading about a sugar detox would be uncomfortable to you, I would consider skipping this particular post. What we read can affect our bodies and minds – I’m sending all of my love [...]

First Christmas with Liv

I’m pretty sure nothing in the world makes me happier than A house filled with the people I love so much, warm food waiting in the kitchen, (+ egg casserole, ham, tamales, oatmeal, mimosas and the necessary nog) and moments that are so beautifully imprinted in my mind. After the [...]