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Jamie Beeson

What You Must Know About Sleep

In this article you will learn that: • A proper amount of sleep is absolutely vital to good physical and emotional health. • While there may be certain exceptions to the rule, the overwhelming majority of us require at least eight hours sleep each …

New Year’s Resolution: Quit Smoking Successfully

Each year, one of the most common New Year’s resolutions is quitting smoking. It is no secret it’s a bad habit. Most smokers wish they had never started, and many struggle with trying to quit. It is dangerous to the health of smokers as well as the…

What duh Heck is DAT? Mystery Foods Identified: Jicama

My 3 year old started saying “What duh heck?” at age 2. I know. Not funny and some would say that’s offensive. But, I have to admit, I giggled the first several times he said it. Coming out of a little boy’s mouth with a 2 year old lisp, it sou…

I’m Causing a Break-up at My House

That’s it. It’s over. That relationship is no longer working for me and it’s only making my life miserable. It’s time for some time apart, some mutual distance and separation. It’s actually not my relationship, it’s my son’s relationship….