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Healing Hands

The Aromatherapeutic Garden

What better way to receive the aromatherapeutic effects of herbs, flowers, trees and grasses than directly as nature intended? Even moist earth smells wonderful, especially during hot weather, when the first summer rains fall on the parched meadows cau…

The Aromatic Pet

In Elizabethan times, the best perfumes would make one smell ‘as sweet as any lady’s dog’. Contrary to what you may be thinking, this was never said in jest. Indeed, the animal would have costly aromatics rubbed into its coat before b…

Home Sweet Home – Essential Oils in Your House

Although essential oils are potent antiseptics, most are too expensive for the average homemaker to use freely for such purposes as one would normally use household disinfectant, so the best way to ensure that your home is fragrant and germ free is to …

Drug Injection at Acupuncture Points

An interesting recent development has been the use of certain kinds of drugs injected directly into acupuncture points. It has been found that the therapeutic dose for an injection can be reduced to between one-tenth and one-half the conventional dose….