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Is Seasonal Affective Disorder a Real Thing? How to slay the SAD Beast!

This is an article from mental health wizard and resident NF Family Rebel Correspondent, Dan Schmidt. Brace yourself, it’s here. Winter. Bigger jackets, colder mornings, mental health disorder subsets, shorter days, umbr- …wait… what was that last one? Umbrellas? No, no, the other one. Oh, you haven’t heard of SAD? Well, let me tell you all about […]

Parents: How to Instill a Love of Fitness in Your Kids

This is a post from NF Rebel Family Correspondent, father of 3, and mental health professional, Dan. One thing I’ve always loved about starting a new video game is the character creation and customization menu. As a young gamer, whether it was Tony Hawk’s Underground, WWF (that’s right, ‘F’) Smackdown or a good old fashioned […]

A Nerd’s Guide to Anxiety

This is an article from NF Rebel Family Correspondent and Mental Health Professional, Dan. We all know the feeling…increased heart rate, feeling overwhelmed, can’t think clearly, palms sweaty, knees weak, mom’s spaghetti…sorry, I lost my train of thought. Anyway, that feeling is called anxiety and we all feel it sometimes. It could be about our medical […]

The Shit They Don’t Tell You: 12 Things New Parents Need to Know

This article is written by NF Rebel Correspondent, Dan. New parent? Thinking of having kids? Thinking of not having kids? Today we’re going to bring you some hard truths. I‘ve just had my third child because I am a crazy person I love being a dad so much, and there are still things that happen each day where I […]