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Simple Stress Management

When we have too much stress these hormones pump out and trigger our fight or flight response – supressing appetite, causing anxiety, inhibiting digestion and repair of the body. This is fine in the short term and our body is just fine handling this for short and brief periods. The problem comes when we get stuck in a state of chronic stress and it beomes the default state. What can happen with prolonged exposure to stress is that out ability to produce stress hormones starts to shut down – this leads to a host of problems….

Nourishing Yourself With Beautiful Foods

A great contribution from Eric Hulse on some amazing foods you should be eating! Nothing out of the ordinary on the list but essentials none the less….
If you’re like most people, when you look down at your dinner plate, you’ll most likely see two colors, beige and white. On a good day, if you’re feeling adventures, perhaps a pale green. Foods with these shades are probably fried (beige), refined (white), and frozen (pale green). Now although all colours are beautiful in their own right and in the correct setting, this particular combination at dinner time calls for a little sprucing up!