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March 2013

Refrigerator Look Book: Jessica Goldman Foung

Heath problems forced Foung to avoid sodium and inspired her new book, The Sodium Girl’s Limitless Low-Sodium Cookbook. Here’s what’s in her salt-free fridge.

Well+Good’s Top Stories: March 2013

We’ve compiled our best articles from the past month so you can catch up on the most important health and wellness news you may have missed.

Easter eve

Our Friday was the perfect mix of productivity and fun, finished off by an amazing family dinner, a date night with the Pilot, and a visit with this little queen. [Viesa!! It was so good to see her furry face.] When Liv went down for her nap, she surprised me [...]

How the scandal is affecting the Bikram community: Tricia Donegan responds

We asked the inspiring owner of Bikram Yoga Lower East Side to share how the scandal surrounding the discipline’s founder is affecting the Bikram community.