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June 2012

Walking into spiderwebs

How’s your weekend going so far? Yesterday was Family Friday at the squadron bar. It was great to catch up with the wives (the theme was Hawaiian BBQ) and hold Livi while she sucked on cantaloupe- she LOVED it- and we all had a lot of fun. Last night was also my last Friday night [...]

Do You Love Summer Workouts?

summer workouts

We’re in the full throes of summer now, ladies! There are tropical storms causing a ruckus, massive heat waves, mosquitoes everywhere, sandals causing foot pain, and I am personally getting used to going for a run at 8 a.m. and coming home, looking as though I went for a dip in the community pool rather [...]

Sick of Plain Ol’ Hummus? Here Are a Bunch of New Flavor Flaves

Sick of Plain Ol' Hummus? Here Are a Bunch of New Flavor Flaves

The day that I got six containers of Tribe Hummus in the mail, I wasn’t exactly sure what to do. How on earth would my family go through six containers of hummus? But as our tummies would have it, my family and I easily devoured all of the Tribe Hummus well before its expiration date! It helped [...]

Class Action: WillTKO at WillSpace

Boot campers who love a grueling workout but have burpee and mountain-climber fatigue will find this new class utterly refreshing and addictive.