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April 2012

The Incredible Power of Small Fitness

People tell me they’re excited about developing fitness, but just can’t seem to start. They lace up their shoes but can’t make themselves step out the door. They get into push-up position but can’t force themselves to go down.
They don’t have a problem once they get started, they just have a problem starting. It’s almost as if they are afraid of the “pain” of the workout. I think all of us, even fitness veterans, have witnessed this problem at some point. For me, it used to be a crippling problem. I would, for instance, start running, but be unable to force myself out the door after a few days. Failing to start prevented me from developing the fitness habit….

15 Minute Workout – Combat Your Fat

The following workout comes thanks for men’s health. Its an ultimate fighter-inspired workout whihc uses high-energy moves to attack even the most elusive reserves of fat. Perform as many reps of each move as you can in 60sec, then move on to the…

The Beauty In being Tenacious

The one word I think of when I think of anyone working toward a goal, whether athletes, entrepreneurs, all the way to steel workers working in the mills of my hometown of Mingo Junction, Ohio, is tenacious.
Achieving is what we all want to do. I think it is safe to say everyone wants to achieve something important.
What Is Achievement? A mother or father raising their kids on a single income is achievement to me. It takes a great deal of courage and fortitude to endure putting in long hours to support your family. That is ‘persistent in maintaining’ to its core.
A woman fighting against an ailment that she cannot understand, but because of her character, zest for life and love for her Creator, follows in the footsteps of her Saviour, enduring the suffering as He did…until she, too, wins…THAT, is tenacity in its purest sense, that I witness on a daily basis……

Leaning Out For Summer

We all want to a bit leaner for the summer right? it just feels better and its the time of the year when we are no longer wrapped up and the luckier amongst us hit the beach…
As summer approaches everyone is looking for a quick fix to lean out and be in better shape. This article is not aimed at getting you a quick fix, but rather to show you realistic and effective solutions that will help you get leaner and feel more energetic.
Don’t Eat Less, Eat Cleaner. When it comes to leaning out it is the little things that make a difference – simply switching the majority of your carb intake to root vegetables (potatoes, squash, yams etc) and brown rice can lean you out…..